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Phone Scams: Beware of These 8 Common Telephone Scams. Phone scams are no joke. Scammers target millions of Americans every year via robodialers and many people fall victim as they are threatened with arrest warrants or guaranteed free vacations. Claims to be social security office saying my number is under suspension, want my number to verify, call number was blocked but continued to get calls on sprint network. Don't answer this call or any questions if you do answer it is a scam and they want your social.

07/03/2017 · These calls are likely part of what is commonly known as the "473 Scam," "Ring and Run Scam," or "One Ring Scam," and the numbers displayed on your caller ID or sent in a text message are likely premium numbers. You will be charged--sometimes quite a bundle--for any calls that you make, or text messages that you send, to them. 13/03/2019 · Reporting scam calls will greatly assist DEA in investigating and stopping this criminal activity. Any urgent concerns or questions, including inquiring about legitimate investigations, should be directed to the local DEA field division. To report scam activity online,. Find out who called from phone number in area code 1 202. See reports and share information. Block Spam Calls. nav-opener. Wanted me to call back to finish some application that I never did. I have a warrant out for my arrest and that I am going to lose everything if I don't pay him $18,000 up front he is a scam and I want him. Type a phone number and press "Search", to find out who owns that number and why they call. 202-572-1460. Get a call from 2025721460? Read comments below to find details about this number. Report unwanted calls to help identify who is calling.

13/01/2015 · Recording saying that this is a "final notice from the IRS filing a lawsuit against you." The number to call is 202-697-9984. So far, I've tried to call back and had to leave a message. Stayed tune. 30/09/2019 · It’s actually a garden-variety phishing scam, designed to guide you to a fake government website that will steal your information. With a little vigilance, Social Security scams are not difficult to identify and avoid. Warning Signs. You get an unsolicited call from someone claiming to work for SSA. Check Who Called is the most informative community created online phone book made entirely by you! How Is This Possible? Every time you get a phone call, do a quick search on Check Who Called and leave a comment letting everyone else know who it was. Every little bit of information helps. When You See An Unknown Phone Number.

purports to be investigative services. threatens a lawsuit and that your employer being contacted with garnishment. when i threatened with a harassment lawsuit and that they cannot go.29/08/2014 · DO NOT answer your phone if the number dialing in is 202-609-7070. Posted 11:58 am, August 29, 2014,. If you get a call that you believe to be a part of this scam, the IRS urges you call 1-800-366-4484 to report the incident. I just received a call from 202-704-3126 claiming to be the Internal Revenue Service.601-808-0290 Just now I too received a call from this phone number, it went to voicemail - a man left message that my SS number has been compromised and to return call to resolve the problem. Instead, I came to this site to see if this is a scam and apparently it is. Thank you to.

28/07/2017 · Once again, those silly fools who really want to be IRS employees, are making calls in an attempt to separate me from my money. Find Out Who Called Me. Got unwanted calls?. 202-820-4699. By Fjv 2 days, 3 hours ago. Fem Asian caller in Chinese language, either DHL scam, Chinese Embassy scam, jp Morgan scam. 40 plus calls diff numbers. Leaves voice mail 12/19 942am and 12/20 1128am. 2. 660-233-3660.

Scam alertBeware of phone calls from these 9.

27/11/2012 · "202" AREA CODE FRAUD AND SCAM CALLS. HELLO just a fyi that there is a huge and never ending amount of fraud and scam calls from the " 202 " area code". HERE IS SOME HELPFUL INFO, SO WATCH OUT !!! some are landlines.many are cell phones.some are spoofed and linked to offshore foreign countries !!!! we've traced back most. 10/06/2019 · I rarely get scam calls on my cell, and ignore the call if the number is not in my contacts. If it's important, they'll leave a message. Scammers rarely ever leave a message. My home phone was getting 10-15 a day. Since I don't use that number anymore, I it connected to my printer/fax. Now they get an earful of tones.

  1. The list of scammer numbers is updated on a regular basis, and our users play a very important role in it: they add new numbers every day. So, if you are suffering from 202 area code scams, please add this phone number to our database and help others save their time from annoying calls.
  2. 13/06/2012 · "202" AREA CODE FRAUD AND SCAM CALLS. Forum Phishing and scam calls. This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies. Please use the phone number search box on the right to locate the discussion thread associated.
  3. Scammers are calling persons from a 202 area code and telling them that they qualify for a $7000 or 7K government grant. The amount may change. Please note that this is a scam and there is no $7000 government grant.

15/02/2012 · Daniel McMullen, Special Agent in Charge SAC of the FBI in Mississippi, is notifying the public about a telephone scam that is targeting Mississippi residents. The scam begins with a call during which the recipient is advised that they are eligible for a grant from the Grants Department of the. 346 202-5272 is a Scam Call based in Texas, United States. 14 Reports & 171 Searches. Users also tagged it as scam call.

Scam look up Scam phone number lookup.

Did you get a call or text from 539-202-7117? We are glad to help you to get any information about this phone number. At, you can find. Report scam phone calls. Fraud,Fake,IRS,CRA,DEBT COLLECTION,LOAN, CREDIT CARD, CRUISE, GRANT, MEDICARE robo scam calls. Join Scam Call Fighters Community by. Every so often, your phone may ring once and then stop. If that happens to you, and you do not recognize the number, do not return the call. You may be the target of a "one-ring" phone scam. One-ring calls may appear to be from phone numbers somewhere in the United States, including three initial digits that resemble U.S. area codes. Calls from 650-203-0000 or 650-206-5555 in the US, and 6498847777 in New Zealand, will be from Google. At the start of the call, you'll hear the reason for the call and that the call is from Google. You can expect the call to come from an automated system or, in some cases, a manual operator. SCAM artists; Other persons or organizations who simply interrupt you. Got unwanted call from stranger? Here you can find information about number. Inform others with comments about strange calls you get. Maybe you are not the only one getting same strange calls.

  1. Scammers are using the following Washington D.C numbers: 202-888-5879, 202-644-9774 and 202-122-5964, to contact potential victims. Recipients of telephone calls from any of the same telephone numbers, where the callers request money, personal or financial information, should terminate the calls, and should not follow the callers’ instructions.
  2. "202" area code fraud and scam calls HI THIS IS OBAMA, I WOULD LIKE TO SELL YOU A BAG OF YOU KNOW WHAT. There is a huge and never ending amount of fraud and scam calls from the " 202.
  3. 22/03/2018 · IRS phone scam alert: What you need to know Hiya, a smartphone app that protects users from phone spam and scam calls, reported that IRS and tax phone scams shot up 1218% year over year from January and February 2017 to 2018. When the IRS impersonator calls, they’ll say you owe them money and may threaten legal action or an arrest.
  4. This is the phone number listed on the receipt for orders to. They have taken hundreds of orders, customers money and never deliver the goods. The receipt shows this phone number and MY company name, Mind Honey Clothing. I have no idea who this is or why they targeted me but please do NOT order from them. It is a scam.

Confirmed this is a Jury Scam. “Intending your serious attention, ignoring this will be an intentional second attempt to avoid an initial appearance before a Magistrate Judge or Grand Jury for a Federal criminal offense. This is the final attempt to reach you. To resolve this issue immediately, and to speak to a Federal Agent, call 425-577.

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